Administering government healthcare programs can be daunting! Viveka is expertly designed to manage the many nuances and complexities of government contracting designs, eligibility rules, and security and compliance requirements.

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Achieve the triple aim of optimizing performance, reducing cost, and improving patient care all on one comprehensive solution that shifts the burden from people-dependent to technology-driven processes and performance.

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Give individuals the insights and tools to make more informed decisions regarding their network options, provider choices, drug spending, and preventative health benefits.

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Leverage artificial intelligence, data analytics, and dashboard reports to identify and expose opportunities to improve the health of your entire population.

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Fast track your time-to-market. Our flexible architecture lets you rapidly prototype and quickly deploy even the most complex health programs and plan designs.

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●  Use data to identify more ways to keep rising healthcare costs in check.
●  Reduce the per capita cost of healthcare by going upstream to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse from ever occurring.
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